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Symptoms Gastric Ulcers Horses. If your horse is suffering from a gastric ulcer you may notice signs such as reduction of appetite, poor coat quality, or behavioral changes such as an increase in fear responses or quietness. Poor appetite or “picky eating” poor body condition or weight loss;

Michael Porter, Equine Veterinarian Gastric ulceration in
Michael Porter, Equine Veterinarian Gastric ulceration in from

Gastric ulcers or egus can be caused by prolonged exposure of the stomach lining (gastric mucosa) to gastric juices resulting in ulceration and sometimes bleeding. Poor appetite, weight loss and poor condition including a dull coat poor performance or behavioural changes e.g. Gastric ulcers are sores that occur in the lining of the horse’s stomach.

Michael Porter, Equine Veterinarian Gastric ulceration in

They are a common problem in horses that aren’t completely understood. From a chiropractic viewpoint, recurrent problems in. “ symptoms often vary greatly and can range from inability to gain weight, slight apathy, aggression, resistance to being ridden, or colic. In many cases gastric ulcers or their symptoms, such as loss of appetite or weight loss, will disturb the intestinal flora, so that the intestine can no longer absorb sufficient nutrients.