Sudden Extreme Fatigue Lupus at Symptom

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Sudden Extreme Fatigue Lupus. Hello all, hope to have my lupus blood panel this week. This exhaustion can be both physical and mental.

Bruises on legs Chasing the Cure
Bruises on legs Chasing the Cure from

Some people describe it as a similar feeling to having the flu. Lupus may also cause anemia in some people. The cause of your blurred vision will be diagnosed using various eye tests and a physical examination of your eyes.

Bruises on legs Chasing the Cure

Lupus fatigue is reportedly experienced by more than 80% of all people who suffer from the disease. It’s feeling completely exhausted without much physical exertion. I was 54 at the time). Anemia (low red blood cells or hemoglobin in the blood) vitamin d deficiency;