Signs Of High Blood Sugar Pregnant at Symptom

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Signs Of High Blood Sugar Pregnant. It may be normal for some to show up, but if it shows up repeatedly or in large amounts, it can be a sign that you have gestational diabetes (high blood sugar during pregnancy ). High blood glucose also can increase the chance that you will have a miscarriage or a stillborn baby.

Blood Sugar Symptoms How to reduce glucose level during
Blood Sugar Symptoms How to reduce glucose level during from

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Blood Sugar Symptoms How to reduce glucose level during

Signs of high blood sugar pregnant šŸ˜¼cramping. But some of these symptoms are common during pregnancy and are not necessarily a. When there is excess sugar in the blood, it can affect some unexpected areas in the body, like your eyes, according to the cleveland clinic. As it progresses, you may have extreme hunger with unexpected weight loss, feel fatigued and confused, experience trouble breathing, and have dry skin.