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Sign And Symptom Kawasaki Disease. Symptoms during the second phase of kawasaki disease may include: The high temperature should subside, but your child may still be irritable and in considerable pain.

What Are The Stages Of Kawasaki Disease?
What Are The Stages Of Kawasaki Disease? from

This rare disease is characterized by an inflammation of the blood vessels throughout the body. Red eyes without discharge, red and cracked lips or strawberry tongue, rash, swelling/redness/peeling of the. The mucosa of the mouth and throat may be bright red, and the tongue may have a typical strawberry tongue appearance (marked redness with prominent gustative papillae ).

What Are The Stages Of Kawasaki Disease?

The most common signs and symptoms include: (if the fever isn’t treated, it can last up to 11 days.) the fever is accompanied by at least four of the following five symptoms: Redness and swelling of the palms and soles of the. High fever is a prominent symptom in children with kawasaki disease.