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Long Covid Symptom Checker. Probiotics can support immune system regulation, since almost 80% of your immune cells reside in the gut. In fact, many are student athletes, or were before they had long covid.

What Are ‘LongHaul’ COVID Symptoms? INTEGRIS
What Are ‘LongHaul’ COVID Symptoms? INTEGRIS from integrisok.com

However, some people report a range of symptoms beyond the standard time of recovery. Here, she has shared the full list of 172 symptoms of long covid reported by members of the group. How long have you had these symptoms?

What Are ‘LongHaul’ COVID Symptoms? INTEGRIS

Loss of or change to smell or taste. The researchers then noted any new conditions that came 21 days after their diagnosis. So what are the 14 symptoms associated with long covid? * please select at least one of the options!