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Glaucoma Symptom Scale (Gss). The gss was translated following the customary methodology and its psychometric properties were assessed by using both classical test theory (ctt) and rasch analysis. September 29, 2021 [cited 2021 sep 29].

Symptom Scale (GSS) questionnaire scores
Symptom Scale (GSS) questionnaire scores from

This transversal validation study enrolled nonhospitalized patients with glaucoma, and a reference sample of patients without eye diseases. 20.77 [11.93;29.62] 20.51 [11.24;29.78] < 0.01: In order to provide data for the planned tests of correlational validity, the italian version of the glaucoma symptom scale (gss) was administered in addition to the cvss17.

Symptom Scale (GSS) questionnaire scores

Such a scale is important because, although, as clinical experience suggests, chronic ocular symptoms are a major clinical issue to patients, the absence of standardized. 20.77 [11.93;29.62] 20.51 [11.24;29.78] < 0.01: The gss was chosen because it had been adequately translated and validated in italian in 2013. Glaucoma symptom scale (gss) b: