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Covid Symptoms Omicron Alberta. New loss of taste or smell; Alberta and lethbridge record deadliest year for drug.

Coronavirus (COVID19) Okotoks News and Information
Coronavirus (COVID19) Okotoks News and Information from

Top symptoms:according to the chart, here are the top 14 symptoms for the omicron variant. The study shows that the top five symptoms of omicron are a runny nose, headache, fatigue, sneezing and a sore throat. Persons infected with the omicron variant can present with symptoms similar to previous variants.

Coronavirus (COVID19) Okotoks News and Information

Sneezing is an omicron symptom only in people who have been vaccinated atleast twice. Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing; The cases were identified from a returning traveller who visited south africa and the netherlands and a household contact. They are legally required to isolate for 10 days, or for 5 days if they are fully immunized.