Blood Clot In Leg Cause Numbness at Symptom

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Blood Clot In Leg Cause Numbness. Blood clots in the leg can cause redness or even pale skin. In some cases, the nerves start to malfunction due to lack of adequate oxygen which may.

What are Some Blood Clot Symptoms? (with pictures)
What are Some Blood Clot Symptoms? (with pictures) from

Migration of soreness is another sign that it is likely not a pulled muscle. Loss of motor function or severe muscle weakness. Although you can’t see what the blood clot looks like, your lower leg may appear red or have a bluish tinge and look slightly swollen.

What are Some Blood Clot Symptoms? (with pictures)

Usually the symptoms of a blood clot in the leg affect only one leg. The american blood clot association provides information, pictures, and news on the website for general information purposes only.the information on the site should not replace the advice, diagnosis, or treatment of your personal medical doctor.the abca website does not provide medical advice or diagnosis, treatment, or services to you or any individual. One distinguishable characteristic between a normal swell and a swell caused by a blood clot is when you apply cold or warm compressions on the affected area; At times, the swelling may even intensify.